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i don’t care if it’s a only a joke, please don’t make comments about how someone’s choice of field of study isn’t going to take them anywhere because it can be a great source of stress and your joke won’t help.

also, destroy the idea that we should only pursue dreams if they are likely to give you status in this capitalist piece-of-shit society.

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i need to hear everybody sells cocaine live as soon as possible

i need to experience everyone in that fuckin crowd chanting those lyrics


Can we appreciate that Motionless In White did a FUCKING GREAT job with Reincarnate!


I couldn’t care less about the people who weren’t happy with Reincarnate. Complain about the sound all you want because I’ll be over here enjoying some good music while you give yourself a headache.


Setting your alarm as Reincarnate so that the first thing you hear in the morning is Chris screaming at you to get up

ALBUM REVIEW: Motionless In White - ‘Reincarnate’ by Matthew Powers


"10/31 we roam the streets in thirst for blood" Chris Motionless once sang in Motionless In White’s We Only Come Out At Night and what an accurate statement for the band’s aesthetic that is. 2 EP’s and what is about to be 3 full-lengths down, Motionless In White have grown to become a definitive band for the Halloween holiday. But if you think they’re some trick-or-treat, sheet ghost representation of the day, you should probably think twice. As evidenced on their newest endeavor Reincarnate MIW are not content with already dominating the modern metalcore scene. This band’s breaking down the walls between several different genres and the results are scary good.

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Took the words right out of my.mouth. so perfectly put.


at the start of the reincarnate music video (when the band is in the car) did anybody else think of the cops video or



I’m actually so proud of motionless in white.


Time to listen to reincarnate on repeat for the next two years

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